Schindele’s Mineralien Medical device – 12x 400g value pack

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loose powder; of volcanic origin, ground according to the lunar calendar
12-tins a 400g value pack

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Schindele’s Mineralien have been certified as a Class IIa medical device in accordance with ISO 13485 since April 2017.

Our product has been well-known for 30 years: loose powder; of volcanic origin, ground according to the lunar calendar – in 400g tins, including scoop.
12-tins value pack

Our medical device also has a multi-layer label. As medical devices have different declaration requirements, you will no longer find any analyzes on the outside. On the inside of the label you will find an analysis and important updated instructions for use.
For the time being our measuring spoon (scoop) is placed on the bottom of the tin, in the powder, due to current filling technology.

The “mineral-ish” design is intended to express our connection with nature and to emphasize the purely organic origin of our product.
Your supply for 800 days – with an average consumption of 6 g (1 Scoop) per day.

CAUTION ! People, who are suffering Haemochromatosis (iron overload disorder), must not take Schindele’s Minerals due to the high iron content.

A pure natural product which has been composed by nature, SANS chemical additives or iradiation.
To be used not only internally but also externally for masks, exfoliation – even with acne!

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